Our club began in mid 2010 when a group of six individuals got together after finding each other on forums and on trips in the field and decided that 'The Valley' needed a metal detecting club. Our first meeting was held in Weslaco at the VFW.  It was a bit noisy but we all had a good talk and decided that we would meet again, same time, same place the next month.

Our next meeting was held and the same people attended. However, this time the jukebox was turned so high that I am sure it could be heard in the next county and the patrons were trying to talk over the music. The bartender refused to turn down the volume. We had a real bad time and decided that we needed a better place to have our loosely held meetings. We didn't have a club, just like minded people with good intentions.

We found a better place to have our meeting the next month. Luby's said it would be fine to meet there. It was a lot quieter but after about 4 months and a few more people showing up, we decided to find another meeting place.

The next month we landed at The Golden Corral. It is free, it has a separate room with a door that when closed gave us a nice, quiet environment to have a good meeting and there was good food. We have been there for about five years now.

After several meetings at The Golden Corral, we decided it was time for a little structure for our group and actually enough interest in a club that we got together and elected officers and drafted a constitution and we became a club. We have grown slowly and now have direction and purpose. We have helped in local events and we have had a Seeded Hunt every year and every year it gets bigger and better.

Our club has a bright future.
RGV Metal Detecting Club is dedicated to promoting metal detecting in the Rio Grande Valley

The RGV Metal Detecting Club meets monthly on the last Thursday of each month at the Golden Corral restaurant located at 300 W Expressway 83, Weslaco TX 78596 .  Our meetings start at 7:00 p.m. in the private room on the north end of the building (walk in toward the buffet and then turn right).  If you would like to eat before the meeting, get there around 6:00 p.m.

The RGV Metal Detecting Club conducts a club hunt monthly on the Saturday before the last Thursday of each month.  Information on these club hunts is available under the NEWS tab.

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Membership is currently $25 for an individual, or $30 for an entire family.  Applications for memebership may be obtained at one of our meetings.

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