Links and Resources

Below you will find links that some of our club members find helpful in conduting their research and locating good spots to hunt... If you find a broken link, use the 'Contact' page and let us know.
  • ArcGIS -
  • Digital Topographic Maps   -  Digital Topo Maps - Good for accessing printable Topographic maps.
  • Digital Topographic Maps -  MyTopo - Good for accessing printable Topographic maps.
  • Google Earth -  Great satellite images of nearly every place on earth
  • Hidalgo County Maps - Here is the map you will need to find out who owns what property in Hidalgo County. Just open, zoom to where you want to go. When you zoom down close enough, a box with numbers will appear on each property and just click on the box. A popup window will appear showing about the property and who the owner is.
  • University of Texas Maps   -   The Perry-Castañeda Library
  • US Census - A good source for County maps (including Cameron and Hidalgo)
  • USGS -  US Geologic Survey Website

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